I have a site hosted on Acquia Cloud.all the unnecessary modules are uninstalled. The site has only couple of nodes (300 almost)and lot of imported registered accounts. Below optimizations are enabled already


  1. memcache
  2. varnish
  3. CDN - Cloudfront
  4. Page Caching (Drupal's Default)
  5. CSS / JS aggregation

RAM : 1.7GB CPU : 1 ECU


My comparison site is bbcgoodfood.com in terms of page load. I have gone through some research and they are using most of above mentioned optimizations. Is there a way to find out why their page load is so smooth. OR should i just increase the Cloud size and see my site page load. (currently i do not have many users on the site)

any clues ? thanks

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APC might be your answer

Best APC settings to reduce page execution time

There's a lot here on Drupal speed and performance generally ...

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