I'm attempting to sort nodes by ratings using the Search API faceted search with Solr integration. I've already set up fivestar ratings (about 9 per node, its a large multi-axis rating system.) but i'm unable to index these ratings!

Can someone help me understand how to change this so I can use a facet search for ratings?

Otherwise, are there any recommendations on other modules (aside from fivestar) which would allow the votes to be indexed?

Thank you!



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You can best create a new Entity property in a hook_entity_property_info_alter(), and add a custom field "rating" with a custom getter callback. Like so:

      $properties = &$info['flatrow']['properties'];
      $properties['my_indexable_rating_axis_1'] = array(
        'type' => 'integer',
        'label' => t('Rating axis 1'),
        'query callback' => 'entity_metadata_table_query',
        'getter callback' => 'rating_axis_one_get_properties',
      return $properties;

Use it to extend the node entity. The getter callback is where you retrieve the value to be indexed,

function rating_axis_one_get_properties($entity, array $options, $name, $entity_type) {
  $value = $node->field_fivestar['average_rating']; // I made this up, check how to do it

  return $value;

Then index the field with Search API.

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