I would like to create multiple views containing filtered/ordered results from submissions made into forms created using EntityForm.

In the documentation and in question on DA(The Entityform module allows me to create forms that any user can submit and the forms fields are available for me to use in views, similar to how a content type would work. it seems this is possible but I cannot figure out how.

Fields created and submitted in the forms are not listed under "add field" in views, nor in "add relationship".

So the question is:

How is it possible to fully interrogate Entityform submitted data using views?

THE SOLUTION: As per Wolverine's answer it is very simple to do, displayed in the picture:


No idea how I missed it before!

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It should be available, create a view of Entityform Submission and add the filter Entityform Type, if you want. Add the fields that you want to display, make sure you have selected Show : Fields under Format section.

By default entity form module creates two views, Entityforms & Entityform Type List, you can edit the Entityforms view instead creating a new view, if you want.

  • Thanks Wolverine, you are 100% correct. Thank you for phrasing it in the way you did, I had been trying to do it for a whole day, not sure how I missed that option. I will add a walk-through @ drupal.org/node/2296851 anyway as I have not seen one anywhere. Jul 3, 2014 at 7:49

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