I was looking at my drupal site log messages and I´ve been having very weird ones as the ones attached.

I was wondering if someone is trying to hack my site, if so, how can I prevent that? I have all my site up to date. But it seems I need to take more measures.

thanks in advancescreenshot from drupal log messages

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What you see in the log is malicious, so: Yes, somebody is rattling the doorknobs on your site to see if some door is not locked.

However, what you see is nothing unusual. I think you'll find similar entries in every watchdog log for a Drupal site that is "in the wild" (i.e. outside of a firewall).

Should you take more measures? IMHO, no. There is nothing in the messages you've posted that indicates that you're being targeted. These are random shots in the dark by script-kiddies - and they're all misses.

One of the reasons we use Drupal is because the core is pretty resistant to this sort of thing out-of-the-box. Just make sure you keep your site updated. And don't install experimental or badly maintained contributed modules without checking them for security holes yourself.

  • Thanks for your answer :), I was getting very concern since I am getting a lot of those messages daily.
    – gjanet83
    Jul 3, 2014 at 21:40

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