I had a problem with making custom url aliases for drupal node pages.Basically my website have two articles types parent articles and child articles. Each parent article contains many child articles. So the each parent articles shows all it's child articles in pagination. current format parent article : http://example.com/parent-title child article : http://example.com/parent-title?page=1, http://example.com/parent-title?page=2 go to each child artilces of parent article.

however I want to insert title of the child article as url alias so expected format is http://example.com/parent-title/child-title?page=1

How can i insert that child article title as url alias? I need this because this is very good for SEO purposes.

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You can use the Path Auto module for this purpose. It has many patterns options for each content type.

You can generate alises pattern for child articles and parent article separately. I have added a screenshot that how it looks in the back end.

If it does not fulfill your requirement then we can customize the urls on saving with hook_url_inbound_alter() function in our custom module.

enter image description here

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