I have 3 users, an administrator, an uploader, and a viewer. The uploader has a file field attached to his profile and the destination folder of the uploaded (in my case .pdf) file is set to the private directory.

The administrator can certainly view all files and when I enter the absolute URL of the private file (MySite.com/system/files/File.pdf), it gets displayed on my screen as expected.

I want the viewer to be able to view all files as well, while not having all the permissions that an administrator would have. Hence, I gave the viewer permission to "View private files" and to "Document: Download any files" (I am running File Entity 7.x-2.0-alpha3+30-dev, which gives me these options). However, when I enter the absolute URL of the private file while being logged in as the viewer, I get an "Access denied" error.

Can anyone confirm this issue and advise me how to resolve it?


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