I have a view with grouping (by one field) and sorting by nodequeue weight. I want to sort the groups as well so I've used hook_views_pre_render and sorted the results array programmatically, but as far as I can see the results aren't rendered as the results array on $view->result order.

What am I missing? Workaround will also be great! Thanks!

  • The link isn't really helpful in my case. The problem was with hook_view_pre_render. When I migrated my custom code to hook_views_post_execute it began to work!
    – rreiss
    Jul 6, 2014 at 13:14

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The problem was hook_views_pre_render, for some reason the markup is already render at this stage (weird..), when I used the same code in hook_views_post_execute it worked perfectly.

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