I want to render a Block on a special content type page and on the contact form page. All works fine, but i didn`t found any way to print the Block also on the contact form page.

i use in the page.tpl.php:

if(isset($node) && $node->type === 'page') {

Hope someone can help! Thx


Following the logic exactly as you have laid it out, you could test for

if (arg(0) == 'contact') 

to output the block on the contact page. However, is there a reason you're not using the block admin page to place this block instead? Other options here that might be easier to maintain would be:

  • place the block in the region you want using the Context module
  • copy the page.tpl.php file from your theme to page--contact.tpl.php and add your block content there
  • Hey, great thanks to you! I need the block twice, for the footer and for some content pages in one sidebar ... i hoped this was the easier way, but i didn`t found a solution for the contact page ... think yours should work! – Bruno Jul 7 '14 at 1:05

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