I can find the comments template at modules/comments/comment.tpl.php

But where is the comment Form Template please?

I want to add a users image next to the form

Thanks for your help



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It is in the default comment module , and editing the core options is not a good practice at all.

You can alter the comment form in your active theme template.php or hook_form_alter() function in your custom module

function THEMENAME_form_comment_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state) {
        //dpm($form); //shows original $form array 
        //$form['author']['#type'] = 'fieldset'; 
       // $form['author']['#title'] = 'Your Information'; 
       // $form['author']['#collapsible'] = FALSE; 
      //  $form['your_comment'] = array( '#type' => 'fieldset', '#title' => t('Your Comment'), '#collapsible' => FALSE, '#weight' => 2, ); 
       // $form['your_comment']['subject'] = $form['subject']; 
       // unset($form['subject']); 
     //   $form['your_comment']['subject']['#weight'] = -10; 
        $form['your_comment']['comment_body']['#prefix'] = "<div>User picture</div>" ;
        $form['your_comment']['comment_body'] = $form['comment_body']; 


You can add user picture using prefix/suffix in the comment form. Try if it work for you.

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