I'm trying to do a left join but it isn't working.

I have 2 tables:

TABLE profile
- uid
- pid

TABLE field_data_field_naam
- entity_id
- field_naam_value

I want to select the field_naam_value where uid is equal to .. and pid equal to entity_id. My normal query looks like this:

SELECT fdfm.field_naam_value, pf.uid
FROM field_data_field_naam fdfm
LEFT JOIN profile pf
ON fdfm.entity_id=pf.pid
WHERE pf.uid = 4

When I execute this on my database it works. Then I have this:

$naam = db_select('field_data_field_naam', 'fdfm')
     ->fields('fdfm', array('field_naam_value'));
$naam->leftJoin('profile', 'pf', 'fdfm.entity_id = pf.pid');
$naam->condition('uid', 4)

And when I do the following:

foreach ($naam as $record) {

nothing happens... (he doesn't kill the app). Also tried to add ->fetchAll() but no success.

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Use the below code for fetching values. It will give you field_naam_value field data.

$naam = db_select('profile', 'pf');
$naam->join('field_data_field_naam', 'fd', 'pf.pid = fd.entity_id');
$all_names = $naam->fields('fd', ['field_naam_value'])
  ->condition('pf.uid', 4, '=')
foreach ($all_names as $record) {

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