I have copied the simple-layout files and customized, the custom layout is simply mats2015.simple-layout (mats2015.simple-layout.tpl.php). I need to override this file for a specific content type (plain-page).

Before Omega 4 (and using the layouts extension) I would use the following:

  • In theme_alpha_preprocess_html(): $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'] = array('html__plain_page_wrapper');

  • In theme_alpha_preprocess_page(): $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'] = array('html__plain_page');

And, together, those two template files (html_plain_page_wrapper.tpl.php, html__plain_page.tpl.php) would simply render $page['content'] and nothing else.

If, within mats2015.simple-layout.tpl.php I include get_defined_vars() I see this:

'omega_layout' => 
array (size=7)
  'name' => string 'mats2015.simple' (length=15)
  'path' => string 'sites/all/themes/mats2015/layouts/mats2015.simple' (length=49)
  'file' => string 'sites/all/themes/mats2015/layouts/mats2015.simple/mats2015.simple.layout.inc' (length=76)
  'info' => 
    array (size=4)
      'name' => string 'MATS 2015 Simple' (length=16)
      'description' => string 'preview = preview.png' (length=21)
      'template' => string 'mats2015.simple-layout' (length=22)
      'regions' => 
        array (size=11)
  'theme' => string 'mats2015' (length=8)
  'attached' => 
    array (size=0)
  'template' => string 'mats2015.simple-layout' (length=22)
  'theme_hook_suggestions' => 
    array (size=0)

So, the question is: is there a preprocess hook I'm missing that I can use to switch from mats2015.simple.tpl.php to some-other.tpl.php based on content type? Or is there a naming convention for the layout extension files that I'm missing?


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So, I was able to accomplish this using the following:

tl;dr: Create another layout extension, and use theme_omega_layout_alter(&$layout) to switch. That's the preprocess function I had to track down.

(assuming use of included layout *simple-layout* and you want to create a layout for node type plain-page [the naming convention doesn't matter])

  1. Copy themes/_your-theme_/layouts/simple to themes/_your-theme_/layouts/plain.
  2. Modify the file names:
    • simple.layout.inc -> plain.layout.inc
    • simple-layout.tpl.php -> plain-layout.tpl.php
  3. Modify plain.layout.inc (It's just like a .info file for a theme, self-explanatory)
  4. Modify plain-layout.tpl.php to suit your needs (In my case, I need to remove everything except render($page['content']).
  5. Open themes/_your-theme_/template.php and add theme_omega_layout_alter(&$layout):

    // this is specific to my use case
    // change 'theme' to your theme name, as you would with any
    // preprocess function
    function theme_omega_layout_alter(&$layout) {
      $cPath = current_path();
      if (strpos($cPath, 'invite-print') !== 0) {
        $layout = 'plain';

The following is only necessary if you want to change parent structure (<html>, <head>, etc.), which I needed to

  1. Open themes/_your-theme_/preprocess/html.preprocess.inc and put this in:

     // this is specific to my use case
     // change 'theme' to your theme name, as you would with any
     // preprocess function
     function theme_preprocess_html(&$variables) {
       $cPath = current_path();
       if (strpos($cPath, 'invite-print') !== 0) {
         $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'html__plain_page';
  2. Create /themes/_your-theme_/templates/html--plain-page.tpl.php and modify as necessary.

It felt like overkill for my situation (having to create entire new layouts) but I understand why it was done - it's crazy powerful for sites that need to make drastically different layouts for different pages. Think different regions, stylesheets, js, etc - completely different .info files, essentially.

Hope this helps someone!

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