I have two content types:

  • Games, which have a list of Developers that worked on it.
  • Developers, which don't store the games they've worked on.

I need:

  • a view that lists Developers that you can filter by Game, but "Exposed Filters" only let me filter on fields on the Developer, so I'm not sure how to do this.
  • to be able to add to a list of people that worked on the Game when editing/creating, rather than have to update each Developer's list of Games they worked on.

How can I make an exposed filter which selects Developers where the Game has that Developer?

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Nikit's response about using Relationships in the view is correct, but it's not clear you've have already set up the correct 'node references' between Games and Developers.

So, rather than maintain your own lists of Developers for a Game, you need to use the References module to add a field that allows 'connections' between these content types. You might also want the Corresponding node references module to auto-update the reference field on a Developer when you edit a Game, and vice versa.

From here you can properly relate Games and Developers, so Views can use these relationships and allow you access the associated Games from your Developers view.


You should use Relationships in Views, and attach second content as required.


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