I have a webform that allows users to upload their CV/Resume's. The webform is sending me the file id. I know that the URL for accessing those files is


Can I access the file for download using the file ID instead of it's name? e.g.


Thanks for any assistance given



Yes. You can use the drupal file_load() function to load the uploaded file.


$fid= 1502;
$file = file_load($fid);


It will return the details of a file in the form of an array.

Hope it works for you!


If you're looking to do this in code, I believe that this question has already been answered:

Given a File ID (fid) how can I get the HTML that represents that fid?

You can also access the file's page at yoursiteurl/file/fid, but this isn't a direct link to the file.

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