I have a theme, and many subthemes, with the goal of creating a network of sites that are different, but share some resources (like the stackexchange sites do). What I want is to include lots of boilerplate css in the master theme, and then site specific css included for each subtheme. The problem I have is the CSS of the master theme is not being loaded in the subtheme.

The master theme:

name = Master
description = Master theme
core = 7.x

stylesheets[all][] = css/network_style.css

and the sub theme:

name = Red Theme
description = specific theme for site in network
core = 7.x

base theme = Master

stylesheets[all][] = css/red_style.css

Ideally then, the master theme just has network_style.css, and the sub theme has network_style.css and red_style.css.

If I enabled the master theme, then the network_style.css is applied. If I enabled the sub theme, then only the red_style.css is applied. There's no css conflict, and the master theme isn't visible in the page source at all.

Where am I going wrong? I'm somewhat new to Drupal. I've gone through lots of documentation on the drupal site, and checked through all the drupal 7 specific stuff on theming. I've tried clearing the drupal cache, plus my browsers cache, even turning server on and off like a mad man.

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The base theme should be set to the machine name of the Base Theme. The machine name is the same as the name of the directory that contains it. Yours starts with a capital letter. I imagine that the folder is just master (all lowercase).

Because the .info file is cached, you must clear the cache before any changes are displayed in your site.

Writing theme .info files

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