How can I get the url generated by the pager in views.

drupal/project11?page=1 drupal/project11?page=2

I would like to add a link on my image to the 2nd page on my first image, to the 3th page on my 2nd image without using the pager.

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I think you're asking for a link to a View like drupal/project11/1 or drupal/project11/2. You can do this with Clean Pagination module.

Clean Pagination is a very simple module that allows you to enable clean URL pagination for specified pages. The way Drupal typically works, if you had a view with the URL 'my-view', subsequent pages would normally use a query to pass the page number, as in 'my-view?page=2'. When Clean Pagination is being used for a page, it will create a url like 'my-view/2'.

Currently, the module has just two settings: 1) Set the pages where you want clean pagination enabled, and 2) Enable search-engine-friendly pagination hyperlinks.

The search-engine-friendly pagination hyperlinks is an experimental feature you can optionally turn on that will add the page URL to pagination links, and then remove them via jQuery. To a user, it will look like a single number, but to a screen readers and search engines it will have the url in the hyperlink text, which is usually a good thing.

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