I would like to add node navigations (prev - next) at the bottom of each node of a specific content type so that I can cycle through all the nodes for that content type. Here is an example (scroll to the bottom of the article) http://happycog.com/work/blackhills. You'll notice that there are navigation links that take you to the previous or next article.

I'd appreciate any guidance on how I can accomplish this. I've looked at various contrib modules but none have given me the result I am looking for.

Thank you,


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Have a look at these two modules:

Custom Pagers is more versatile, but I found it buggy.

Another solution, more custom and flexible, would be creating a custom field in the content type (via hook_field_extra_fields() or Display Suite), and creating a custom query to get the next/previous node ids. If you prefer to go with the custom way but don't want to add a custom field, you can just preprocess the node and add the variable in your .tpl file.

Previous/Next API module could be used to get the node ids without the need to create the query yourself, apparently making the solution more scalable. It's still a -dev version though.


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