I have a staging site and a production site.

For an error some nodes was updated on the production site and now I have to update it but, if I will do that I will lose the production site changes.

What is the best [and faster] approach to migrate some nodes from production to staging before migrate staging to production?

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Sounds like Node Export to export your nodes from dev and then re-import them on your live site.

Node Export provides several ways to export nodes:

  • Through a tab that appears on the node page.
  • Using update options on the Content page.
  • In a command line using Drush.
  • Using the Features module.
  • Using the Views Bulk Operations module.

and the Node export package comes with the following formats:

  • JSON
  • Drupal var export
  • Node code
  • CSV
  • Serialize
  • XML

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