I have the memcache module installed on Drupal 7. While it works fine I would like to implement some custom caching in some of my modules. For example, if I want to store the array:

$data = array('hi'=>1,'bye'=>2);

I can normally do the following:

$memcache_obj = memcache_connect('memcache_host', 11211);
memcache_set($memcache_obj, 'var_key', $data, 0, 30);

How can I do the equivalent in Drupal using the memcache module. I am trying to avoid having to declare the $memcache_obj each time and just use the one designated by the module.

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With Drupal you are not supposed to manage the cache backend by yourself. Once memcached is set as your cache backend, you can just use the cache functions cache_set(), cache_get(), etc. and this data will go to cache.

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