I've created a custom module to export node data of different content types into Excel (using PHPExcel hooks).

That will be stored into particular directory called "Reports" under site/all/files directory.

Now I would like to display the list of files exists under "Reports" directory, in a page/view in a table format.

How can I achieve that?

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I found a module called Filebrowser for this.

Allows site administrators to expose a particular file system folder and all of its subfolders with a fancy FTP-like interface to site visitors. File metainformation (via descript.ion and files.bss) is supported. The module also allows these metafiles to store special content, which can be parsed with a callback. If no callback is specified in the file, only the description will be fetched.

This is the exact module what I was looking for. Using this module I could display all my exported files. Here is the screen-shot.

enter image description here

Additionally we can Delete the files and also download the selected items as an ZIP archive from here itself.

Hope this post helps someone.

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