I recently organized my modules in /sites/all/modules in 4 differents subfolders: contrib, custom, patches, migration. It works very well, but after using the update manager, the new updated modules appears in /sites/all/modules instead of /sites/all/modules/contrib, so I have to move it manually to contrib. How can I set the default module location to /sites/all/modules/contrib ?



Sorry, I didn't find this issue before, it has been already reported here Set Update Manager to install to sites/all/modules/contrib?

I knew about drush, but I was wondering if it could be done with the update-manager.


You can try some steps:

  1. Firstly, backup your database
  2. Check-in your code into version control

  3. Run following queries:

    UPDATE system SET filename = REPLACE(filename, 'sites/all/modules', 'sites/all/modules/contrib');

    UPDATE registry SET filename = REPLACE(filename, 'sites/all/modules', 'sites/all/modules/contrib');

    UPDATE registry_file SET filename = REPLACE(filename, 'sites/all/modules', 'sites/all/modules/contrib')

    1. Move folders
    2. Run: drush cc all

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