In the past I have imported automatically some vocabularies using rdfx/evoc and put some rdf mappings using rdfx ui. The module also made automatic rdf mappings with taxonomy terms and various fields that does not let me delete.

Now I need to clean up the mappings and reach astate of rdf mappings as it would be a fresh install.

RDF UI and other modules do not provide the possibility of deleting mappings.

What tables/fields I have to delete/alter from the database, so to clean up, without damaging the rest of the site? How I can bring rdf_mapping, mapping BLOB to defaults?


You are more likely to get an answer in the RDF Extensions issue queue on drupa.org. see this comment as an answer to your question: http://drupal.org/node/1296820#comment-5068706

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  • "- Uninstall evoc - empty/TRUNCATE the tables rdf_mapping and rdfx_namespaces - clear your caches (admin/config/development/performance or run drush cc all)". I would also add uninstalling any other semantic-web related module. Thanks – john Oct 7 '11 at 22:20

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