I'm trying to modify my Advanced forum topic list Master view to have an exposed filter so that my users can search for topics.

However, after even a clean install with simplytest.me gives me the same problem: while entering a search query into the exposed form, the user will be redirected to the front page.


This is not a solution, but might help toward writing one.

I found that the redirected page url had appended something like this:


which, when I appended to the forum page url, worked as desired - filtering as desired. So the url is created without the forum page part, just appending the above to the main site url part.

  • I found I did not have AJAX enabled for my view- when I enabled AJAX, then the redirect to the home page quit, and the exposed filter worked normally. – user-kx49 Oct 18 '14 at 20:10

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