I'm completely noob on Drupal, actualy I'm trying to find a way to build a website idea using it.

I want to let users/visitors to create travel tips, so at this site I'll have contents like: Countries, States, Cities, Places and tips.

A tip must be related with a Place, that is related to a City and a State Country. Also a tip must contain any number of images related to it.

The thing is, I' just can't find a way to do it with a fresh install on Drupal, neither find somewhere I can see an code example of it, if I need to really code it.

I thought in creating a Entity type, but didn't found how to do it without coding, and I also need a way to let users upload any number of images they want, and them show everything on a page (I believe this is the easiest part, after I get the other ones).

Anyone can help me with a quick way to figure this out? Maybe a few blog post links, a ebook, videocast, anything.


  • I don't think you'll find a quick solution. Creating content types and relating them via entity reference is a good start, but you'll need to spend time getting familiar with Drupal basics first. Good luck! – cdmo Jul 21 '14 at 14:01
  • Thanks for the comment @cdmo, after reading a few things, I'm wondering where can I get a full drupal tutorial on doing something as I mentioned. Every document is too superficial or too deep. I'm completely lost hehehe – apocalypse Jul 23 '14 at 0:11
  • You'll probably have difficulty finding a tutorial that shows you exactly how to do this, but poking around the Entity Reference module's documentation would help. You may already be familiar, but getting the basics of content types might help: drupal.org/node/21947 . If you're willing to pay, lynda.com and drupalize.me have some good overview tutorials. – cdmo Jul 24 '14 at 13:18

Take a look at the Entity Reference Module:

Provides a field type that can reference arbitrary entities:

  • A generic entity reference field
  • Four widgets:
    • Two implemented on top of the Options module (Select and Radios/Checkboxes),
    • Two autocomplete widgets (one with one text field per entry, one tag-style with comma-separated entries in the same text field)
  • Two formatters:
    • A "Label" formatter, with optional link that displays the label of the referenced entity (the node title, the user name, etc.)
    • A "Rendered entity" formatter, that renders the references entity using a configurable view mode
  • Integration with Views (for both forward and backward references)
  • Integration with Entity Metadata (and as a consequence with Search API and the like)
  • Integration with Devel generate
  • Integration with Feeds and Migrate (>= 2.3) for painless data import

That should get you started.

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