I want to show several products filtered by apples. Apple is a hierarchy taxonomy and not always the values from the parents are in the childs.

Example: apple (apple can have other results that are not in big_apple nor small_aplle) -big_apple -small_apple

Question: How can I create a view that when it's 'fruit/apple' shows apple + big_apple + small_apple and whent it's 'fruit/big_apple' it will only be 'big_apple' ?

I think with this in contextual filters can help but it's far from working:

$id= taxonomy_get_term_by_name($argument);
$children = array_keys(taxonomy_get_children($id));
    $handler->argument .= '+' . implode('+', $children);
    return TRUE;
    return FALSE; 

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Well, I am my most popular fan so I will answer myself:

1. It's not possible to add that PHP code to the view, as it's a known bug that the view doesn't allow multiple contextual filter variables as a PHP. Although you can use them through the URL and changing the 'code PHP' option by 'Multiple Terms ID separated by ',' OR '+''. --> I don't like that option as the URL won't be very clean and can be a bit complicated.

2. Found a better option!! I decided to select the parent when one of its childs are selected. This option can be activated as automatically, when installing the Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget module:

About this module

This module provides an expandable tree widget for the Taxonomy Term Reference field in Drupal 7. This widget is intended to serve as a replacement for Drupal's core Taxonomy Term Reference widget, which is a flat list of radio buttons or checkboxes and not necessarily fit for medium to large taxonomy trees.

Note: I don't know why but my tree view is not as nice as in the picture and I needed to use a fix but it works perfect.

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