I am using userpoints module. What I need to do is once the purchase is done through points methos, update the remaining points in different drupal site.

I have tried for webservices. I have created web services which will update the remaining points in other site.

I have gone through the code and found function uc_userpoints_payment_uc_order() 'all\modules\userpoints_ubercart\uc_userpoints_payment\uc_userpoints_payment.module' where it updates (uc_userpoints_payment_payment) or refund the points (uc_userpoints_payment_refund). So here (in these two functions), I want to call webservice.

Could anyone please throw some light and point me in right direction?

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You can call web service using hook_uc_checkout_complete. it takes action when checkout process is completed.

Please refer uc_cart api


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