I wanted to add a piece of HTML at the top of all pages, right after <body>. In the #drupal IRC channel I got the recommendation to override html.tpl.php in the theme. That works fine. But isn't there some useful hook that I could use, so I don't have to copy html.tpl.php and just add a few lines?

I tried to modify $variables['page']['page_top'] in THEME_preprocess_page() and THEME_preprocess_html() but upon debugging $page_top in html.tpl.php, the changes had been discarded.

How do I do it by hook? And which way is to prefer?

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    Hook will probably use more time than a simple, static change to one tpl file. And why copy it? Most themes needs to have it anyway, already, so all you need is to alter it.
    – Mołot
    Jul 23, 2014 at 14:33

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Have a look at how the Drupal core toolbar module does this:

 * Implements hook_page_build().
 * Add admin toolbar to the page_top region automatically.
function toolbar_page_build(&$page) {
  $page['page_top']['toolbar'] = array(
    '#pre_render' => array('toolbar_pre_render'),
    '#access' => user_access('access toolbar'),
    'toolbar_drawer' => array(),

This is probably the most correct way of adding something to the page top as you can comfortably use render arrays.


$page_top is rendered in template_process_html(). You should be able to override that function to add material before it is rendered and assigned to $variable

  • I interpreted this as implementing THEME_process_html(), but when I did that I had rendered HTML to deal with. That is actually fine in my case because I can just prepend my HTML to $variables['page_top']. But I'm still wondering where the opportunity is to modify the render array (and that is what your answer really seems to be about - am I misunderstanding it?).
    – Arla
    Jul 24, 2014 at 7:17
  • As per the link I provided, the function does the following: $variables['page_top'] = drupal_render($variables['page']['page_top']); where the array is rendered. It also states at the very top of the page, "To customize these variables, call drupal_render() on elements in $variables['page'] during THEME_preprocess_page()"
    – Geoff
    Jul 24, 2014 at 12:28

You can add region page_top in your_theme.info file, see reference Writing theme .info files
The other way is to change html.tpl.php file in your theme, but the first way is better.

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