I need to provide a view which gives a simple list of user activity with regards to node 'events' - e.g. any updates to fields, new nodes created, nodes deleted etc..

For example,

Last Updated:         Activity
-----------           --------   
5 mins ago -          username has updated Title for node:nid
6 mins ago -          username has updated Price for node:nid
7 mins ago -          node:nid has been deleted
13 mins ago -         new node:nid has been created..

Has anyone achieved something similar? If so - how did you go about this? Did you use a module?

  • You can checkout from this, that which one is more suitable for you. – Hemangi Gokhale Jul 25 '14 at 5:18

As per your requirement it seems Activity module will suite you. But again this module is in Dev version for Drupal 7. So if you are ready to use Rules module then go ahead. Since you are only tracking the node create & edits then in Rules module you will get all the conditions and events.

But if you are also okay with developing custom module then I'd suggest to write a custom module and with all the HOOKs provided for nodes you can create the desired records and store those in a table. See the HOOKs for nodes here.

Let me know if I can assist you with creating a custom module.

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