I think the title is pretty explanatory. I have a custom table in which i retrieve human readable titles in 'title'. This title could be any language, and since i'm french it could have accents for instance. I would like to change a title like : "L'océan indien, l'Asie et la végétation" into the 'cleanurl' field : "l-ocean-indien-l-asie-et-la-vegetation".

I've seen this topic that seemed interesting, but neither machine name nor safeword seems to be usable with transliterate (or i don't see how).

I've tried some "custom" function but does not work completely as expected (and is not a serious replacement for transliterate i guess :

function clean_name($string)
  $string = html_entity_decode($string);
  $string = str_replace(''', '\'', trim(strtolower($string)));
  $search  = 'àáâãäåçèéêëìíîïðòóôõöùúûüýÿ';
  $replace = 'aaaaaaceeeeiiiioooooouuuuyy';
  $string = strtr($string, $search, $replace);
  $string = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9-]/', '-', $string);
  $string = trim($string, '-');
  $string = preg_replace('/-{2,}/', '-', $string);
  return $string;

What can you suggest to achieve this goal ? I would obviously prefer to use core functions if possible.

EDIT -- @Clive I tried to use the pathauto/transliteration modules and i've manage to get what i want, but i'm not sure this is the right way.

module_load_include('inc', 'pathauto', 'pathauto');
module_load_include('module', 'transliteration', 'transliteration');
$cleantitle = pathauto_cleanstring(transliteration_get($string));

This might not be the optimal way since as you emphasised : Process the string through the transliteration module, but i'm not at ease enough with Drupal code. From the code in pathauto_cleanstring(), transliteration_get should be processed automatically if

variable_get('pathauto_transliterate', FALSE) && module_exists('transliteration')

Both are enabled in my Drupal, but if i do pathauto_cleanstring($string); the transliteration is not aplied.

But again, if nobody tells me why, this works with pathauto_cleanstring(transliteration_get($string));


I don't think core has any such function, but the Pathauto module does.


Clean up a string segment to be used in an URL alias.

Performs the following possible alterations:

  • Remove all HTML tags.
  • Process the string through the transliteration module.
  • Replace or remove punctuation with the separator character.
  • Remove back-slashes.
  • Replace non-ascii and non-numeric characters with the separator.
  • Remove common words.
  • Replace whitespace with the separator character.
  • Trim duplicate, leading, and trailing separators.
  • Convert to lower-case.
  • Shorten to a desired length and logical position based on word boundaries.

Emphasis mine.

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