I am searching for a solution to generate a custom filter consiting out of two fields. I want to have one Dropdown which holds the fields of my view, and then a second field "textfield" which will hold the search variable.

Here's an example. I do have a view with ID, name, email. My two filters would be a dropdown containing ID, name and email. And when I type something into the textfield, the field selected in the dropdown will be the filtered one. Does anyone know a module that does that? If not, I will write one.

I've checked Global combined filters so far, but they don't do what I want. enter image description here

EDIT: just in case my question wasn't clear enough, this is what I want to achieve. And still got no idea how to.


What I've found so far is the Module Composite Views Filter, which does quite the thing. You can display a filter on selection of dropdown. But not programatically. You have to fill your dropdown yourself.

Not quite what I was looking for, but better than nothing.

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