I know this maybe a silly question but how do you hide panels in-place editor bar?(The bar that has layout adjustment buttons.) I found a post that said there's a on/off setting on general settings page that I can use to hide it but I couldn't find that option. I need to hide it because that toolbar is covering Theme developer checkbox. I can't disable the module either because it's in used. Any suggestion?


Click on the "Panelizer" tab of your content type then click on "Full page override" (or whatever view mode that is panelized" and then under settings you will see:

In-Place Editor

Click the standard.

The In-Place Editor setting is what is creating the tool bar at the bottom.

  • "Full page override" is just a heading with bunch of checkbox options. But under Structure/Panels/General, I found that settings but it doesn't hide the bar. – KMC Jul 29 '14 at 19:55

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