I am developing a custom module with some entities inside. I created a form to edit them and I would like to use CKEditor in one of the fields.

I can see and use the CKEditor, but when it's time to save, it always saves the value 'Array'. You can find the code I am using below:

$form['description'] = array(
        '#type' => 'text_format',
        '#format' => 'full_html',
        '#title' => t('Content'),
        '#default_value' => $entity->content,
        '#weight' =>2,
        '#required' => FALSE,

I'd say CKEditor changes the value before sending the form POST but I am not sure.

Any ideas?


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Ok, that was easier than I thought. When using WYSIWYG editors you have to save the info differently.

For a normal textarea:

$entity->content = $form_state['values']['description']


$entity->content = $form_state['values']['description']['value']

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