I am using Drupal commerce kickstart, Here I have two types of currencies like $ and INR. In the node page I am showing INR currency by default. Using Curreny Selector Module I am showing Dropdown to select the currency. If currency selected by user then calculated $ currency is showing fine. But here I need to show both prices at once. For example, "Rs.1205 & $20" at once without selecting the currency from dropdown. I am loading this node page programmatically. So I want to load the currency programmatically which is converting through European Bank. Any Suggestions please.

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Commerce Multicurrency does exactly that.

This module enhances some of the multi-currency capabilities of Drupal Commerce.

Current features:

  1. UI for fine granular definition of exchange rates. (Every currency combination can be defined separately if needed) Synchronization of currency exchange rates directly from the European Central Bank (ECB).

  2. UI to specify which rates shall be synchronized and which are handled manually.

  3. Generation of currency specific price fields inclusive generation of rule-set to handle them.

  4. hooks for easy integration of custom currency exchange rate sources.

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