Description of Problem

No matter what I try, I cannot get my Ubercart Catalog Block to change languages when I use the Language Switcher. You can test this behaviour for yourself at:


Regardless of the language context (English or Chinese, "en" or "zh-hant"), the shopping cart block on the left margin of the page, under all circumstances, displays this text:

Shopping cart

There are no products in your shopping cart.

0 Items Total: HK$ 0.00

Go ahead and give it a try. Load the page and click on English or Chinese as they appear in the page header. The shopping cart block does not change languages- and I'd like it to.

The Localization Files are Installed - I Think...

I've installed the following localization strings packages using the Administration front end and they appeared to be loaded correctly.

  • ubercart-6.x-2.13.zh-hant.po
  • uc_ajax_cart-6.x-1.0.zh-hant.po

Checking out the Module Code

Looking into:


I see the following entry around line 1926:

msgid "There are no products in your shopping cart." msgstr "ä½ (妳)ç è³¼ç©è»è£¡æ²æä»»ä½åå."

(the garbled text is the multi-byte characters breaking up in my shell)

Looking into


I see the following call around line 706:

$output = '<p class="uc-cart-empty">'. t('There are no products in your shopping cart.') .'</p>';

So it appears that there is a call to t() to translate the string, but none is forthcoming from whatever system there is that serves up the alternatives.

Can someone please tell me where I need to go in the administration front end to enable localization/translation for the shopping cart block (ajax cart) in Ubercart?

I'm thinking I just missed a check box somewhere to turn on the translation, or have to tell Drupal/Ubercart that the strings in the Shopping Cart Block are to be translated, but I don't know where to go or how to do this.

P.S.: When I called i18n_get_lang() in troubleshooting code I got the right answer back (i.e. "en" or "zh-hant"), so the system knows what language context it is in.

Thank you.


Sorry but you CAN NOT HAVE Ubercart multilingual because the project was started on the wrong way and now the developer team have no interest/possibility/capability to rewrite a lot of code!

  • Hello, I paid a developer to make Ubercart multi-lingual aware. It took a month, was affordable and it works great now. Take a look: www.holistichorsecare.com – Graham Leach Nov 18 '14 at 23:40

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