Wordpress comment form contains a text field where visitors can enter a link to their website. Is there any module ( or simple way )to achieve the same thing in Drupal ?

What I'm really looking for is a solution that:

  • adds a new field to the comment form that needs to be validated as a link
  • when the comment is displayed , the username needs to link to the website entered in the form , not to the user profile as it does by default.

I would use the URL field module to create the website field on the comment entity. You can then use function theme_comment_submitted in your theme's preprocess functions to override the $submitted variable that is used in comment.tpl.php from the Drupal root folder /modules/comment/ (you can also copy this file into your theme's templates folder for further customization of the comment display).

The idea would be to alter function theme_comment_submitted (shown below) to include the username hyperlinked with an href provided by your URL field.

function theme_comment_submitted($comment) {
  return t('Submitted by !username on @datetime.', array(
    '!username' => theme('username', $comment),
    '@datetime' => format_date($comment->timestamp),

This is indeed very simple. You can add fields to the comment entity. Have a look at these explanations of how o achieve this:



  • Thank you for your answer, I think the question was not really well formulated so I added some more detail.
    – iacobs
    Aug 9 '14 at 9:52

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