I am using the Disable Messages module to disable one of the message which is being displayed to the end user. The message is:

Anonymous (not verified) has requested to be your Friend. View your pending friend requests to approve or decline.

To achieve this I have configured the module and written a regular expression to match a word from the message, But it seems to not be working.

Here is the code:

str.matches("(?i)(^|\\s+)(Anonymous (not verified))(\\s+|[.?!]$)");
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    It seems to be Off topic. This question is particularly related to forming rregular expression. It can be better answered in stackoverflow. – Mathankumar Aug 11 '14 at 7:48
  • This involves using the use of a regex in a specific Drupal module. I say this is on-topic here. – mpdonadio Aug 12 '14 at 22:27
  • yes @MDP, I had tried using the whole message to be hidden but too its not working. – D-pak Aug 13 '14 at 4:05

Once a user has been deleted, The User relationships module have to delete all relationships associated to deleted user but it doesn't work correctly. I implemented hook_user_delete() in a custom module and delete non-approved relationships associated to the deleted user. like this:

 * Implements hook_user_delete().

function YOUR_MODULE_NAME_user_delete($account) {
  //user_relationships_delete_relationship($relationship, $user);
  db_delete('user_relationships')->condition('approved', 0 , '=')->condition(db_or()->condition('requester_id', $account->uid)->condition('requestee_id', $account->uid))->execute();

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