I am using Panels Everywhere, and Workbench Access & Moderation. I have gotten everything to work, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the block above the content created, that allows the moderator to go from Draft > Needs Review (or another transition).

Screenshot of what I'm trying to find

9:24 in at http://nodeone.se/node/1024

I can moderate the content from root/node/#/moderation, but can't on the webpage.

Seeing if someone has run into this before and can help me out.

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Figured this out. Was so easy it was hard...

Had to configure the "Workbench information" block and set it to "Content" region. It then would show up above the content. I also had to add the tags in the "Page elements" panel settings.

Hopefully this will help someone else out.

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