I am attempting to create a decision making "questionnaire" in Drupal 7. I am currently using the Webform module to create the questionnaire.

The questionnaire (webform) will create a list of related nodes based on the users submission. What I need is a way to relate the nodes to the webform components.

For example, if a user selects 'Coffee Shop' & 'Sandwiches' on one of the multiple choice questions, all nodes relating to 'Coffee Shops' & 'Sandwiches' will be added to the list.

Is there an available module that will allow me to relate webform components to nodes or would I some how incorporate taxonomies into this for the relationships?

Would EntityForm be a better module for this type of thing?

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I'm not sure what UX you want, but with Fieldgroups webforms can be multi-paged. As of webform 4.x Conditional Fields (on the same page, or across pages) is supported by webform. You can have hidden fields already in webform if you need a simple storage mechanism not seen by users ...

I imagine you could then use webform rules and upon final submission of the webform to examine whatever values have been submitted and use a custom rule to populate an available list of NIDs based on the submitted criteria.

You could maybe use Entity List and nodequeues to solve this:

  • if component is selected on submission use Entity List X, which references a smart nodequeue to nodes of a certain content type ... etc.
  • I like where you're going with this. It sounds like it could work with some configuration. I've decided to give it a try with the EntityForm module & FieldGroups. It seems EntityForm is a better choice because it allows me to add Fields used in the form to a node type. I will report back with my final solution.
    – Ty Bailey
    Aug 12, 2014 at 17:32

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