I have a website in drupal 7. I used advanced form block module to create add form block. Advanced form block module create block for form to edit and add new content. All node saved by ajax submission.

I want to redirect the user when new node save by this form. I used rules and form[#redirect] method in my hooks, but these are not working.

Can any one help me to figure out this?



A form[#redirect] will not work in an AJAX form.

You can use an AJAX redirect command from CTools: ctools_ajax_command_redirect

To do this, you should probably have to alter the form and use your own callback function returning the ajax command (along other needed data). I don't know advanced form block module so I can't say how difficult it is.

Example from http://dropbucket.org/node/1236:

  $commands[] = ctools_ajax_command_redirect($path);
  print ajax_render($commands);
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  • When I use this it will alert the whole page. I already tried this. I added exit in the last but it will redirect the page but not save the node in the database. – Gaurav Sharna Aug 13 '14 at 11:47
  • If you use exit you cut the execution flow and the submit handler is not executed, so node is not saved. I think your are not returning the AJAX command correctly. – sanzante Aug 13 '14 at 12:16

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