How do I create a PHP file that returns a list of nodes as XML when called if I have a menu structure like this:

--gallery 1
---Item 1
---Item 2
---Item 3

And I want a url like localhost/getgallery.php

this url will then return my gallery as xml, something like this

    <gallery name="gallery1">
        <item name="item1">
            <description>lorum ipsom</description>

Where Image, Imagethumb, url and description are fields on the item node

Thanks in Advance!


This is what i did:

  1. I created a view.
  2. Changed the style to XML data document (Need to download the Views Datasource module)
  3. Added the fields I needed and Nodequeue
  4. Added a filter to filter by node type so it looks like this:

Views settings then I added a new page with a path:

Page settings

my end result looks like this:

        <gallery>Gallery1 For flash</gallery>
        <gallery>Gallery2 For flash</gallery>

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