Hi guys i'm trying to create a restaurant menu like below: enter image description here

I've created a 'Venues' content type, in which it contain the usual Title, Description, Image and another Taxonomy field for Category (Type of Restaurant).

At the bottom i'd like a tabbed menu like the image above. Just not sure how I can go about creating it. Ideally i'd like:

  • Let the user create up to 4 or 5 tabs
  • Each tab to have a title (Which is displayed in the section and on the tabs)
  • Each tab to have X amount of items (Name, Description Price)

Not sure if there's a module that helps with this or if I should use Views somehow or what fields I should add to the content type. Totally baffled.

In my static HTML prototype, I used jQuery UI to build the tabs, will I need to use that again here or again, is there a module that can help with that?

Thanks for your help :)


You can see the jQuery Tabs Field module for this.

jQuery Tabs Field module allows you to create jQuery Tabs field. Using this you can add upto 7 tabs with tab title and tab body in a node. After saving node, the module will display all these 7 tabs as jQuery tabs.

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