I am using Linkedin module.

I want "Announce on LinkedIn" turned on by default. I am using Feeds module for RSS. It automatically created Feed and Feed Item Content types. RSS content is automatically saved as new node. But that node is not posted in Linkedin. I have to edit the content and manually check "Announce on LinkedIn" to have it posted:

Refer this Image

I want it posted automatically. How can I achieve that? Please anyone help to me. Thanks in advance

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The issue here is the LinkedIn post functionality is tied to the node form; the form is altered to add the form component & submission hook. However, Feeds isn't using this form so it will never get a chance to process the submission handler.

If you look at the submission handler you can pull out the relevant function, linkedin_put_profile_field(), to make this happen. Combine this with hook_feeds_after_import(), and you can come up with an implementation that will trigger a LinkedIn post upon a feed import:

function MYMODULE_feeds_after_import(FeedsSource $source) {
  if(function_exists('linkedin_put_profile_field') && isset($source->feed_nid) && $node = node_load($source->feed_nid) {
    $status = variable_get('linkedin_default_format_'. $node->type, '');
    linkedin_put_profile_field($node->uid, 'current-status', $status);

Note: there will probably need to be more checks & altercations here based on your needs (e.g. setting the right UID to post as, throttling posting so your feed importing doesn't get marked as spam on LinkedIn).

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