I have a views Slideshow on one page. I also have a views Gallery on another page. I want the views gallery to appear below the views slideshow on a single page. Please could anyone help me out. I have been trying a lot, but I'm unable to do this.

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try the following:

  • create a copy of one of the views as a BLOCK instead of a page
  • under block configuration (admin/structure/blocks) for that view, limit it by page to ONLY show for the view still set as a page, and place it in the content or content bottom region

You could also use the Panels module. This module allows you to create partitions in a page & place content (such as Views or blocks or menus) within the desired partitions.

!Note: Make sure you specify different Pager ID (Edit View > Page in middle column of the Edit view page > Pager settings where you specify number of links to show, previous & next options, etc) for each of the views.

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