I have a content type called Specifications which has 4 fields

  • Engine Specifications
  • Features Specifications
  • Variation (exposable filter)
  • Model

I also have another content type called Cars which has 1 field called Model too.

I am created a SpecificationsView which displays the content-type Specifications as a block in Cars.

Is it possible to show in each Car the Specifications whose model matches the current ''Car'' node's model?

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I have done it using entity reference module and some php code in views. All you need to do is use entity reference module make a view that list model taxonomy terms as entity reference display.

Then you need to add a er(entity reference) field in both content type and input in that view you just made then make another view that list specification fields add a relationship to add entity reference model field add a contextual filter taxonomy term id in provide a default value choose PHP code and paste this code :

$nid = arg(1);
$node = node_load($nid);
$term  = $node->field_model['und']['0']['entity']->tid;
return $term; 

Or refine this code by yourself.

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    Use [LANGUAGE_NONE] instead of ['und'].
    – NeoHQ
    Aug 21, 2014 at 12:27

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