How to set Billing Address in the checkout page in Drupal commerce?

I am using Commerce node checkout for a particular node which has an address field.

I wish to reuse this address field in the node as the billing address in the Commerce checkout page.


Please use this Drupal 8 module. I think it will full fill your requirement.



There is a function you can use to set the default value for a billing address. hook_addressfield_default_values_alter

<?php function mymodule_addressfield_default_values_alter(&$default_values, $context) { if($context['instance']['field_name'] == 'commerce_customer_address') { global $user; // load the address field from wherever it lives // In my case it was an address field attached to the user $account = user_load($user->uid); $address = $account->field_real_address['und'][0]; foreach($address as $key => $value) { $default_values[$key] = $value; } } } ?>

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