I have a regular field with multiple values, If i do

render( $fields['field1'] )

It prints


Am trying to get it to output like this


To add [ and ] to the output. I thought of using a foreach loop, but the field array is like such

'#title' => 'xxxx',
'#type' => 'xxxx',
'0' => <array>,
'1' => <array>,
'2' => <array>,

How can I get it to loop throught the [0], [1], [2] etc only?

Note: I have no control on how many multiple values the field may have, so I have to loop.

Another solution that worked well for me: Display comma-separated list of taxonomy terms?

You can make use of the power of field.tpl.php.

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$field_values = element_children($fields['field1']);
foreach($field_values as $field_value) { ... }

I was looking for the answer to this too, and ended up hunting through the render() function. It wasn't too far down the chain: drupal_render() calls element_children().


Identifies the children of an element array, optionally sorted by weight.

The children of a element array are those key/value pairs whose key does not start with a '#'. See drupal_render() for details.


Why don't you try a regular expression loop after the print? See here.

If you're really experiencing problems with the loop, check out the documentation for preg_replace_callback().

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