We have a page that displays a logged-in user's selections from a Flag Lists process. The page includes code to generate the specific URL of that page, so it can be copied and pasted elsewhere. (essentially a "share this" type of thing, but this is definitely not intended for social media) That code is: " onclick="this.select();" />

We want to provide an email link (ideally, a button) which sends a preformatted message including this URL, to a specific person's email address. (i.e. always to the same person) I am having trouble visualizing how this can be done, since the interface I am using for adding an email link (via CK Editor) isn't able to process the "current-page:url" PHP code and just displays it as code in the resulting message.

Any suggestions? -- Thanks! --

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insert a Drupal token of the current page url into the WYSIWYG. This token is provided by drupal 7 core I believe.

See the Token Insert module.

This module allows you to insert tokens into a textarea. It supports both plain text and wysiwyg textareas. The format used for the insert is compatible with Token Filter.

This module contains three modules:

  • Token Insert UI: Allows you to select which tokens are available for the insert, by default all tokens are shown. This module doesn't have to be enabled to use the others.
  • Token Insert (text): Add a fieldset under each textarea, works for both plain text fields and wysiwyg fields.
  • Token Insert (wysiwyg): Adds an extra button to wysiwyg editors and opens a popup to select the token to insert.

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