I'm using the Goals module in combination with Views. I'm now displaying all the Goals that were completed by a user on the profile pages in a table that contains the Goals' image and title.

Now, I'd like to explain a bit more what the user exactly achieved by adding an extra column with a description. Adding a direct description to the Goals would be a perfect solution, but as this isn't provided by the module's maintainers, I opened a feature request.

I know Drupal Answers isn't built to provide patches (although they're very welcome), so I'd like to ask whether there's perhaps another solution for my problem.

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Goals used by the Goals module are implemented using fieldable entities. So you can customize goals by adding your own fields, such as:

  • descriptions.
  • images.
  • links to external resources.
  • etc.

Head over to its video tutorial, and have a look at what is shown starting from around 4:00 where you can see the typical tabs for Goals, such as:

  • Manage Fields.
  • Manage display.

For more details, refer to its Community Documentation also.

Disclosure: I'm the maintainer of this module.


This works by the module's design. I totally forgot that one can go to Configuration/Goals/Goals/Manage fields and add a text field there.

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