I have a menu structure like this:

  • $items["foo"] -> MENU_NORMAL_ITEM
  • $items["foo/bar"] -> MENU_DEFAULT_LOCAL_TASK
  • $items["foo/something"] -> MENU_LOCAL_TASK
  • $items["foo/bar/bazz/%"] -> MENU_CALLBACK

I want to have the tabs (local tasks) from page foo/bar displayed on foo/bar/bazz/% as well but I don't want to have another local task for this new page.

Any ideas on how can I achieve that? Thanks.


I kinda managed to to this by using the following piece of code:

$path = drupal_get_normal_path('path-where-local-tasks-are-displayed');
if($path) {
  menu_tree_set_path("navigation", $path);
  • Hi Marius; thanks for the reply. I can't quite get this to work. My menu id is 'tasks' and the path mydomain.com/user . So should this code work on my front page for example if ($is_front): $path = drupal_get_normal_path('user'); if($path) { menu_tree_set_path("navigation", $path); menu_set_active_item($path); } endif; – Deejay Sep 23 '14 at 7:59
  • not quite sure about the user tabs but I think it should be: $path = drupal_get_normal_path('user/user_id') and then menu_tree_set_path("navigation", $path); – Marius Ilie Sep 23 '14 at 8:07

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