My XML sitemap module was installed and enabled long time ago when I just started to make my website on WAMP/ localhost.....

Now the site is live and on real host and domain; but sitemap is still on:

http://localhost/zen/sitemap.xml with 1050 links....

Error loading stylesheet: An unknown error has occurred (805303f4)http://localhost/zen/sitemap.xsl

And I don't see any option to change it's path....

What should I do?

Can I somehow correct it's path or I have to reinstall?

If I reinstall, what happens with all settings?

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Did you define base_url in settings.php file? Try to set your current website address for base_url, then clear cache and run cron to generate sitemap. If this doesn't work, backup your database and run SQL query as:

UPDATE variable SET value='s:99:"http://example.com";' WHERE name='xmlsitemap_base_url';

Where the 99 is the length of your domain (including the http and all) and example.com is your domain.


You can change the path here admin/config/search/xmlsitemap/settings -> Advanced settings


In my experience you can simply solve that by running the cron once.

When doing that via Drush you need to append the --uri option. As during cron runs – which is when the sitemap gets regenerated – the $base_url is not available. Appending --uri makes the $base_url available again.

drush cron --uri=http://example.com

I guess when triggering the cron from the admin UI the $base_url gets retrieved from the form.

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