I'm trying to make a view that "match" users depending on what they look for and what they offer.

When a new user register, he chooses what he wants to learn.

Let's say he chooses the following:

1) Vocabulary: "language" -> Term: "French"
2) Vocabulary: "language" -> Term: "Spanish"
3) Vocabulary: "science" -> Term: "Chemistry"

Then, he chooses what he can offer in exchange:

1) Vocabulary: "language" -> Term: "English"
2) Vocabulary: "science" -> Term: "Physics"

On another page, I want to display in a view all the users that "Match" his criteria. Here, it could be :

  • User1: Look for "English" and offer "Spanish"
  • User2: Look for "Physics" and offer "Chemistry" and "French"

I can't figure a way to display all user that has the same taxonomy term as the user who did the research but with the learn / offer parts inversed. I hope this is clear.

Any Ideas?

  • Have you got as far as making a view with exposed filters to allow browsing of people offering different languages? – Darvanen Sep 7 '14 at 0:15
  • I haven't tried yet since I have the problem mentioned here, but I assumed you can do it as explained here – massakre Sep 7 '14 at 14:18

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